Send Certificates

Automatically send certificates to your Google Forms participants

Top Features of Send Certificates

What makes Send Certificates an indispensible companion for Google Forms

Send sample certificates

Send yourself sample certificates until all settings are made as wanted

Merge tags

Use placeholders to dynamically insert e.g. name, department etc. from your exam takers into certificates and mail content

Certificate templates

6 certifcate templates are provided by default. In addition custom certificate templates can be used to apply the own CI

Response records

All responses including information like: reached points, certificate ID etc. are stored within a Google Spreadsheet

Resend individual certificates

One exam taker made a typo? Informations from your exam takers e.g. name, department etc. can be edited and resent

Full customization

In addition: mail content, file format of the certificates (PDF or image), share method (e-mail or link), timezone etc. can be changed

Feature Comparison

Choose your perfect plan.

Free1 Year
Send sample certificates
Customize mail content
Define mail CC and BCC
Use merge tags within mail content
Use merge tags within certificates
Define passing score
Send certificates as PDF
Send certificates as image
Share certificate via mail
Choose between 6 certificate templates
Choose timezone for certificate date
Store responses within Google Spreadsheets
Save sent certificates in Google Drive
Define prefix for certificate ID
Define custom merge tags (e.g. department)
Use custom certificate templates
Share certificate via Google Drive link
Remove "Made for free, By AddonForge" label
Resend individual certificates (in case of typos)



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This is a Google bug. Just reload the page, then all menu items will show up.
This is also a Google bug. The cause for this error message is, that multiple users are logged in within the browser. Just log out with all users, except the one which should be used to work with the addon.
Please be informed, that this feature is only available to PRO users. If the PRO vesion was purchased and enabled an additional question can be added to the form. The title of the newly added question defines the custom merge tag, e.g. {{Department}}. Afterwards the same merge tag can be used within the mail subject, mail contant and custom certificate template.
Please be informed, that this feature is only available to PRO users. First of all a new Google Slides document needs to be created. The document can than be customized to the own CI. To include merge tags, just create text boxes and put the corresponding merge tag into it, e.g. {{Name}}. Last but not least the Google Slides document needs to be selected as template within the addon settings.