Video and GIF

Export animated GIFs, videos (with audio) or image sequences from Google Slides


The addon is available via the Google Workspace Marketplace.

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Top Features of Video and GIF

What makes Video and GIF an indispensible companion for Google Slides.

Animated GIF

Save your slides as an animated GIF

Video (with audio)

Export your slides as video, optionally an audio stream can be added

Image sequence

In addition each slide can be converted to a separate PNG file

Speaker notes

Get an export of all speaker notes


Depending on the file format different export settings can be chosen: width (pixels), interval (seconds), repeat GIF, transition (seconds), audio file

Google Drive export

All documents are exported to "My Drive" on Google Drive

Feature Comparison

Choose your perfect plan.

Trial1 Year
Export animated GIF
Export video (with audio)
Export image sequence
Export speaker notes
Licence validity2 exports12 months and max. 500 exports
Licence scopePer userPer user
Licence payment modality-No automatic renewal
PriceBuy now